Female Waxing Services

Brazilian Bikini Price
Brazilian (completely bare, sexy triangle or a cute little strip; tummy line & inner tush included) $59 
Student Brazilian (discount applied with current college ID)(cannot be used with any other offer or discount) $49 
Emergency “2-week” Touch-up (restrictions apply) $31
Brazilian Laser Touch-UP (restrictions apply) $25+
Bikini Full (beyond the bikini line, tummy line included) $40
Bikini Line $35


Stomach, Back, Tush & Legs Price
Tummy Line $8
Stomach $20
Lower Back $12
Mid-Back $22
Full-Back $32
Tush $10
Tush Cheeks $20
Full Legs $70
Half Legs (top) $40
Half-legs (bottom) $35
Inner Thigh $15+
Toes $10
Full Body $295
Arms Price
Full Arm $40 
Half Arm $30 
Hands & Fingers $10
Underarms $20+
Underarm Laser Touch-Up (restrictions apply) $10+
Hard Wax available upon request, specific areas only, pricing may vary, must mention when booking.
Face, Brows & Tinting Services Price
Full Face (brows included) $42
Sideburns $10
Cheeks $10
Nose $10
Chin $10
Brow Shaping (shaping, tweezing, & trimming) $20
Brow Tweezing (no waxing) $25-$30

 $10 VAJAZZLING…..Dare 2 be bare with a flair!  Embellish your brazilian or bikini wax with a Swarovski crystal design. Whether it’s a special occasion or just for fun! You can choose from an assortment of real swarovski crystal designs, it only takes a few minutes to apply the gems. The idea is to celebrate yourself, do something sexy for yourself – and we’re pretty sure your guy will love it too.

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