Skin Care


Four Layer Signature Facial

The Four Layer Signature Facial is formulated with essential vitamins A, C and E to keep the skin hydrated and glowing. If you are experiencing dehydration from again, smoking, or pregnancy this facial will work to rejuvenate dull skin back to a healthy hydrated state. As well, this particular treatment will tighten, and brighten uneven skin tone for those suffering hyperpigmentation.

Total treatment time:45-60 minutes  $95

Organic Passion Fruit Facial

Our Organic Passion Fruit Facial is designed to improve the appearance of aging, pregnant, menopausal, and normal skin. Infused with antioxidants and hyaluronic acid, this soothing facial will correct unbalanced skin and restore your dull/tired skin back to normal.

Total treatment time: 50-60 minutes  $85

Acne Facial

The Acne Facial treatment is for those with oily, acne, or acne prone skin. If your skin suffers a constant battle with excess oil production, our facial system will balance out your skins pH levels so that your skin produces only the necessary oils to keep a well maintained and hydrated tone. For those dealing with acne or know their skin is highly prone to new breakouts, this facial with restore a proper balance causing acne to fade away and prevent future breakouts from occurring.

Total treatment time: 45-60 minutes $75


Chemical Peels

Organic Passion Peel

One of our many peels we offer includes an Organic Passion Peel, Level 1. This peel, formulated with 15% Papaya/Peptide Resurfacing Solution, targets unbalanced, dehydrated, sensitive, aging, pregnant, travelers, and smokers skin types. It will work to resurface skin texture, and add hydration to the skin with 25% hyaluronic acid so that your skin is able to maintain a supple appearance.

Total treatment time: 45 minutes

$85 or purchase a package of 4 for $75 each

Wrinkle Lift

Our wrinkle and lifting peel will help your skin to maintain balance if you are experiencing hyperpigmentation, otherwise known as brown spots on the skin. This peel is formulated with 40% Glycolic/Retinol resurfacing solution which will help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles on the face, by resurfacing your skins texture so that your wrinkles are less noticeable  and eventually fade away. The formulation will as well help to lift any uneven pigment on your skin so that brown spots are no longer visible.

Total treatment time: 30 minutes

$85 or purchase a package of 4 for $75 each

Wrinkle Lift Level 2:

Our wrinkle and lifting treatment is similar to the level 1 peel that we offer, however this treatment has added benefits such as enhancers which we add to the treatment so that our products work with higher percentages to better target your skin concerns. The enhancers include, 25% Retinol enhancer for aging, 25% Kojic Acid for pigmentation, 25% Vitamin C for brightening, 25% Idebeonone for antioxidants.

Total treatment time: 30 minutes

$100 or purchase a package of 4 for $90 each

Jessners’ Lite Peel

The Jessners’ lite peel will help alleviate those suffering from acne irritation so that the marks left behind will be treated through exfoliation and added collagen. The exfoliation process will help increase cellular turnover resulting in new surface cells. Collagen treatment will help tighten your skins fibers back together so that elasticity is maintained.

This treatment is targeted for clients with acne grades 1-4 as well as sun damaged skin.

Total treatment time: 30 minutes

$85 or purchase a package of 4 for $75 each

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